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Hi my name is Mahli and I am a creative, a photographer and a designer. I love connecting with individuals on a unique and creative level. I have been interested in photography since I was a teen. Later on in life, I had the opportunity to take a black and white film photography class. This further ignited my passion for capturing unique moments.

I am also passionate about sewing, and my mother is to blame.  For as long as I can remember, my mother always made clothes and accessories for my sister and I. The ability to create through sewing brought her a special kind of joy . When she helped me create my first ever dress, the first of many, I understood why. Because of her I’ve been rooted in the idea that creating something for someone can hold so much personal value for the person receiving it and the person giving it.

I am the founder and owner of Life Petals Photography & Design. Established in Lawrence, Ma in 2016. I’ve worked  with over 100 families, and I offer a personalized photography experience. I am pursuing my vision of making sure a family story is told and remembered, by providing beautiful professional images and treasurable items, such as handmade garments and albums, that represent important life moments and family history

Thank you for coming along as I continue this journey. Stay tuned for more blog entries about my journey, the amazing families I get to meet, my sewing adventures and many more.

Family, Infant, Maternity & Portrait
on-location Photographer based out of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

serving the Essex and Middlesex counties.

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